August 12, 2022


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Weight loss transformation: Woman lost 4.7st through ‘significant life change’ – diet plan

Forty-seven-year-old Lucy James had tried “every type” of diet before she found one that worked for her and lost a whopping 4st 7lb (30kg) in 12 months. And she hasn’t looked back since, having completely transformed not only her appearance, but her mindset and wellbeing too.

Lucy explained: “After years of trying every type of diet going, then eventually stopping trying, it’s finally clicked that slow and consistent wins the race.”

She began to work with PT Diren Kartal and joined his Project X campaign and saw a loss of 1.2lbs on average per week.

Having been “so ashamed” of her before pictures, Lucy wanted to “be transparent” with her success.

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After neglecting her body for so long, Lucy said: “I had a lifetime of bad habits to change and whenever I had lost weight before, drastically cutting calories and feeling hungry and miserable, it didn’t change my habits into healthier ones long term.”

But she admitted her journey was “definitely not easy”.

“Learning new habits and reversing life long bad ones, an unhealthy relationship with food, no knowledge when it came to resistance training, trying to force my heavy body into hard cardio exercising when it definitely wasn’t up to the job as I thought it would help me shift weight, just meant I was constantly struggling to make progress,” Lucy explained.

“There was a point a few months ago where things got a bit static and I thought that yet again I’d reached a plateau on another attempt to lose weight.”

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She considered she may have been at the end of her journey, adding: “The reality was I wasn’t trying as hard as I could, or applying the programme properly.

“I’d got complacent, so I refocused and by paying attention to the principles of Project X started to progress again.

“It’s an amazing programme but you have to do the work, it’s not magic. It is so worth it though.”

She continued: “Some weeks [I lost] more, some weeks no loss at all.

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“Pleasing everyone except myself and all the time my needs and well-being were firmly at the bottom of the pile.

“I knew I needed to do something to make a significant life change, I just really didn’t know what.

“Diren holds you accountable for making better choices for yourself, for achieving your goals for your wellbeing and to improve your life.

“And when you invest in that, the benefits reach far wider than the number you see on your scales.”