New Liberty business opens bringing in massage therapy to residents

Body Balance Therapeutic Massage at 4768 N.C. 49 North began out of the owner’s own muscular pain. After an injury, Jaime Pike began having hip and lower back pain many years ago, and no traditional treatment seemed to help.

After consideration, she felt that the next step in her life was to get a therapeutic massage, and looking back, she feels it should have been one of her first options. 

Through a series of specific massage therapy techniques, she found herself no longer in pain. In addition, she learned from a relationship with a licensed massage therapist that she could live a better life. As a result, she could again do the things she loved because her body was now balanced. 

This sparked her interest to drop her entire career and go to school and become a licensed massage therapist. She wants more people to understand that to operate to their fullest potential. Their bodies must be in balance.

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