August 16, 2022


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Nativa Spa Ginseng & Caffeine Body Oil Review

When it comes to skincare ingredients that I rely on to deliver noticeable results, caffeine is at the top of the list. On an intuitive level, it makes sense that something I count on to wake me up would also be able to give my skin a tightening jolt (and studies have borne this out too). So when I heard that Nativa SPA’s Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Oil and Body Lotion combined caffeine with other powerful, plant-based ingredients to sculpt the body, I was ready to see what the products could do. The brand’s mission is to inspire us all to “embrace every inch of our bodies” and that sounded pretty good to me heading into peak bikini season.

Nativa SPA recommends that you use both the Toning Body Oil and Toning Body Lotion — conveniently sold together as part of the Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Ritual Set — for 28 days to see results. After taking that challenge, here is my honest review.

Fast Facts

  • Brand: Nativa SPA
  • What’s in the line: Nativa Spa’s line of body toning products includes a Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Oil and Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Lotion that can either be purchased separately or together in the Toning Ritual Set. The brand has an array of other products designed for different benefits, like Firming, Replenishing, Ultra-Moisturizing, and Soothing.
  • Prices: Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Ritual Set ($45.60); Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Oil ($23.00); Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Lotion ($25.00)
  • Sustainability specs: Vegan, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral shipping, 1% “Back to the Planet” giving model
  • Who is it for: All skin types
  • Where can you buy:

First Impressions

Both the Toning Body Oil and Toning Body Lotion come in sleek, amber bottles made from recycled plastic. (I appreciated that Nativa SPA has a strong commitment to sustainability.) The color of the bottles alone put me in something of a beachy mood, but the scent was even more transporting: warm, slightly tropical, and subtly lingering. The toning products — which are crafted in Brazil with plant-based ingredients — glide onto the skin luxuriously and I was intrigued by the self-massage techniques provided to help enhance the sculpting formulas.

Trying Nativa Spa’s Toning Ritual Set

I started by reading through the simple self-massage instructions, which walk you through how to apply the Toning Body Oil and/or Toning Body Lotion on your arms, abs, legs, and glutes — plus hands and feet if you have the time and want to nurture every square inch of yourself. I decided to start my routine with the Toning Body Oil as I’m an oil person through and through.

I applied it after my morning shower and enjoyed how lightweight it felt and how quickly it absorbed into my skin. It came out of the 6.8-ounce bottle sparingly, which made for a mess-free application. It left my skin feeling smooth, nourished and ever-so-slightly tingly. If my morning cup of coffee makes me mentally more alert, this toning oil seemed to have a similarly energizing effect on my skin.

I then started incorporating the Toning Body Lotion, which comes in a large 13.5-ounce bottle, in the evening as a bedtime ritual that felt like true self-care. I especially loved the velvety-rich texture of the lotion and how it felt even more noticeably tingly than the oil after it absorbed. The self-massage did add a bit more time to my nighttime routine but I found it was deeply grounding — a way to slow down and connect to self after the dust had settled from the day. Afterwards, I ambled to bed with the pleasant feeling that my skin was pulling in and tightening up.

How Does It Work?

Formulated with bio-available caffeine, ginseng extract, and pure quinoa oil, the Toning Ritual Set helps to stimulate the skin and smooth it. Here’s a closer look at those three powerhouse ingredients from a scientific perspective:

  • Caffeine: When used for cosmetic use, caffeine has been found to help stimulate the breakdown of fat and increase microcirculation in the skin. And, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Association, certain products with caffeine may “dehydrate cells” for a smoother effect.
  • Ginseng Extract: Energizing ginseng extract has been used medicinally for centuries in East Asia. It has been found to increase skin elasticity.
  • Quinoa Oil: Perhaps Nativa SPA’s most beloved ingredient, ultra-nutrient-rich pure quinoa oil nourishes skin similar to how it nourishes the body. It has 30 times more omegas than coconut oil.

What Other Nativa SPA Products Are Worth Trying For Summer (& Beyond)

Rarely do I get impressed with add-on promotions, but when I heard that you could get Nativa SPA’s Summer Glow Set — which includes starter-size bottles of four of their best-selling body lotions — for free when you spend more than $55 on their site, I was genuinely enticed. The lotions include: Quinoa, Rosé, Shea Butter, and Madagascar Vanilla.

Few things feel better than applying a nourishing oil after a day in the sun — especially when it smells intoxicatingly good and it can be used on hair and skin. This Rosé Oil, which is formulated with rose extract, nourishing plant oils, and hyaluronic acid is an absolute must for that covetable summer glow.

If you’re looking for a luscious summer lotion that’s also good for the planet, the Conscious Set Plum Body Lotion & Refill comes with both a 13.5-ounce bottle plus a 13.5-ounce refill bag. The plum lotion is designed to lock in hydration after a rejuvenating shower.

With a focus on firming, the Quinoa Firming Ritual Set includes a concentrated formula of pure quinoa oil, the brand’s signature ingredient. The omega-rich set includes a body oil, body lotion, and a hand cream.

While I loved the Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Lotion for its energizing effect, I probably wouldn’t reach for it during the winter months when my skin craves really deep hydration. Nativa SPA’s Ultra-Moisturizing line caught my eye for rounding out my seasonal skincare needs, and the Ultra-Moisturizing Shea Ritual Set includes an ultra-luxe body butter, a body lotion, and a hand cream for a shockingly good price.

Final Verdict

After trying the Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Ritual Set for nearly a month, I can say that my skin feels smooth and perked up. I loved the self-massage ritual, applying the products morning and night, that forced me to make self-care part of my daily routine. I also loved the sensuous scent, and on purely aesthetic note — the way the packaging looked on my counter. Did I achieve flawless, airbrushed skin? No. But do I feel more confident in my skin? Absolutely.

I also really embraced the brand’s approach to bundling products — sold as Ritual Sets — based on their net benefits for the whole body. I’ll definitely be trying more for myself and also gifting them to friends because they feel particularly thoughtful.