August 14, 2022


Health for a better future

Medical school graduates celebrate in person for first time in three years | News Center

“Crises either bring people together or drive them apart. I’m so grateful that because of who you are as individuals and who we are as a community, this crisis brought us together and strengthened our resolve,” Minor said. “Because of science and the sheer will of so many, here we are, in person together, looking forward to the future with significantly more determination than trepidation.”

He also encouraged the graduates to remember the feeling of “those first sparks of human connection as we emerged from the pandemic’s early dark days.” It’s human connection that will make what they go on to do in work and life meaningful, he said.

“In the lab, when you’re exhausted, when work seems endless, or tedious, or uninspiring, think about that human factor. Think about the people who will benefit from our research and the lives we can touch,” he added.

Minor introduced each of the student speakers: Lily Johnson, a graduate in physician assistant studies, Corey Fernandez, neuroscience PhD graduate, and Daniel Brooks Bernstein, earning his MD. As Bernstein stepped up to speak, another man approached the podium. “I’m also Dr. Daniel Bernstein, associate dean for curriculum. And the two of us have had our emails mixed up for five straight years,” he said, to knowing laughter. “Like many good things, this will soon come to an end. But then, the friendship will continue to grow, as you see, when the world welcomes to medicine another Dr. Dan B.”