August 14, 2022


Health for a better future

Don’t let pandemic spur more health crises

Lawrence F. Hill

COVID-19 has put up a mirror to our society and our communities, and what is reflected back doesn’t look pretty.

We have seen how where you live, your race, or your income can make you more susceptible to major health problems. We have seen how quickly our health systems can be overloaded and the impact of the lack of access to basic health care services – and that includes dental care.

Many folks postponed dental visits for fear of COVID-19. Dental offices closed for months. But, dental care is more than just about semiannual teeth cleanings. Undetected and untreated oral infections have been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other systemic maladies. When precancerous and early cancers of the mouth go undetected, people die.