Best Blood Sugar Support Pills – Top Diabetes Supplements?

Maintaining normal levels of blood sugar is an essential part of preventing multiple health issues, staying healthy and weight management. Health issues related to imbalances in blood sugar, including obesity and diabetes, are a quickly growing burden for most people today.

One of the arising solutions to this issue is consuming blood sugar support supplements. Some of these products help people maintain stable blood sugar levels, which is critical in ensuring diabetics can live healthy lives. These dietary supplements typically contain natural ingredients like cinnamon, berberine, chromium and licorice extract.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that not all dietary supplements that claim to regulate blood sugar levels are actually effective. Some products have appealing claims, such as curing diabetes and preventing obesity, but they do not have sufficient evidence to prove their effectiveness. Read on below to discover the top supplements to help regulate blood sugar levels.

1MD GlucoseMD


The 1MD GlucoseMD supplement utilizes a range of clinically researched ingredients in a customized formula to enhance glucose uptake and promote stable blood sugar in the body. This supplement goes for $69 for one bottle and it features unique ingredients that are not commonly used in similar formulas. Some of the key ingredients include CinSulin, Gymnema Sylvestre, chromium and berberine. Besides targeting blood sugar, these pills can also improve pancreas function, cardiovascular health, immune system and metabolism.



Efficient metabolism of glucose is vital for regulating your blood sugar. Glucofort improves your glucose metabolism, thus ensuring you maintain healthy blood sugar. Usually, your body gets filled with sugar after you have eaten a meal. If you are a diabetic, then it means that your body doesn’t have the necessary insulin required for controlling that sugar. In this case, Glucofort supplementation provides the body with key ingredients like bitter melon, chromium, cinnamon bark, and licorice to support efficient glucose metabolism.

Altai Balance


The $49 Altai Balance comes with an affordable price tag and an interesting packaging. This supplement is reported to have assisted close to 200,000 people in achieving better blood sugar balance and weight loss. The supplement regulates blood sugar through promoting weight loss since numerous studies have shown weight management is vital for optimal blood sugar levels.



Gluconite comes in at $69 per bottle and it is specifically designed to work overnight. Unlike other products on this list that must be consumed during daytime, Gluconite must be taken every night before sleeping. This product works by improving your sleep quality, which is essential for hormone production, optimal pancreas health and general wellness. When you don’t get sufficient sleep each night, your body will be more susceptible to various health conditions, including diabetes and others.

Blood Sugar Blaster


This glucose support dietary supplement works by promoting energy production to help users maintain healthy insulin sensitivity and stable blood sugar. Additionally, daily use of these pills will supposedly give you better quality sleep along with other health benefits. Vitality Nutrition is the brand name behind the Blood Sugar Blaster. The health company was founded by Doctor Mat Carter who developed this latest blood sugar product by leveraging close to three decades worth of medical expertise and know-how.

Sugar Balance


Sugar Balance has a bold claim of reversing diabetes using its mix of herbal extracts and natural ingredients. This is quite a notable claim as other products so far have only claimed to promote stable blood sugar. Nevertheless, while type 2 diabetes is incurable, several studies have found that it is a reversible condition. Sugar Balance can naturally and rapidly reverse diabetes and unbalanced blood sugar. The creators of this unique supplement also say that their solution has been blocked by the media and that is why it is not as popular as other products included in this list. Daily consumption of Sugar Balance can apparently target the root causes of diabetes. In addition, the creators of this supplement even recommend that users stop taking their diabetes prescription medicine after they start consuming this product.



Another notable product that goes beyond solving blood sugar is the DiabaCore supplement that promises to fix diabetes completely. It was created by a licensed doctor called Thomas Sully and the aim of this product is to support diabetics into leaving their regular diabetes medication within a few weeks. These pills are mainly marketed towards people with diabetes that are looking for lasting relief for their health issues. The manufacturer says that taking DiabaCore daily can provide significant health benefits thanks to various ingredients like banaba extract, Gymnema Sylvestre and guggul among others.



Ceracare is one of the more popular products on this list and it only costs $69. It comes with a potent antioxidant formula that has been exhaustively tested to balance blood sugar within the body. This innovative solution can supposedly rejuvenate the healthy feedback loop that is necessary for healing and regulation of blood sugar. Ceracare recommends taking one pill every day to give your body ample amounts of antioxidants to fight inflammation. Other benefits associated with Ceracare include improving energy and vitality as well as supporting blood circulation.



Mellitox is also priced below $70 like other supplements included in this compilation of top supplements for blood sugar regulation. Besides the affordable price tag, this product has received positive reviews due to its ability to significantly stabilize high blood sugar in diabetics within a very short time. A woman shared her review and noted that she not only lowered her blood sugar, but also managed to lose close to 50 pounds of fat after using this product. Mellitox is marketed as a supplement that can reverse diabetes, promote weight loss and support healthy blood sugar in the body. Users of Mellitox are said to be capitalizing on a highly effective and safe morning trigger derived from a remote Vietnam village. That particular village is unique as there are no reported diabetes cases due to consumption of various herbal extracts that combat blood sugar imbalances. Mellitox offers users that same ingredient combination every day.

BP Zone


The BP Zone supplement was created by Zenith Labs, a premier dietary supplement brand that has an experienced medical advisory committee. This product supports stable blood pressure, which is one of the key issues that most people with diabetes often struggle with daily. Hypertension can often damage your cardiovascular system and make it harder to maintain stable blood sugar or lose weight. BP Zone works by targeting hypertension using various ingredients that increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood. Examples of key ingredients included in this formula are arjuna and hawthorn extract among others.

GlucoShield Pro


Gregory Johnson, an experienced scientific researcher, is the creator of the innovative GlucoShield Pro. He used powerful herbal ingredients like lemon balm, hawthorn extract, valerian, L-theanine, skullcap and chamomile while making this product. Additionally, the brand behind this supplement also says that they have set a cost effective price at only $69 to support as many users as possible. The target market for GlucoShield Pro capsules are diabetics in search of blood sugar solutions that use natural, safe ingredients.

Blood Sugar Premier


The other Zenith Labs product included on this compilation is the Blood Sugar Premier that was created by Ryan Shelton, a licensed medical doctor. This solution utilizes a mix of natural ingredients and herbal extracts to maintain healthy blood sugar. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine and it works by stabilizing glucose levels within the bloodstream. However, unlike other products mentioned above, this supplement does not seek to reverse diabetes or act like an alternative diabetes medication. Instead, this supplement is specifically designed to support stable blood sugar in all people by leveraging various ingredients like pipeline, barbering and curcumin among others.



Glucafix pills claim to manage most diabetes symptoms, including high blood sugar and obesity. It can also support faster weight loss across all people. Glucafix works by promoting consistent fat burning in users for up to 20 hours every day. The benefits of this product are derived from ancient fat burning rituals that were used in Japan. Those unique rituals affect various hormones in your body to deliver considerable health benefits. However, unlike other supplements, Glucafix has not provided sufficient information about its various ingredients and dosages.

Frontline Diabetes


Effective diabetes management goes beyond consuming the right supplements and medications as it also involves switching to healthier lifestyle habits. The Frontline Diabetes solution involves a comprehensive treatment plan that users can use to control their blood sugar, prevent neuropathy, manage diabetes and avoid taking diabetes medications. This package comes with seven highly detailed eBooks that teach users how to eliminate diabetes. Combining these lessons with various other products shown in this list can help you effectively manage diabetes from several angles.



Daily usage of StrictionD will result in reduction in your blood sugar. It works by lowering levels of blood lipid, which also brings down cholesterol in your body. Besides reducing blood sugar, StrictionD can also enhance your insulin sensitivity and response, along with other health benefits. It uses various ingredients like chromium, cinnamon extract and banana leaf among others, to provide its wide range of health benefits. StrictionD is made in America and comes with a long money-back guarantee period of 60 days.



The final supplement worth considering for blood sugar regulation is the GlucoFlow supplement by Jonathan Garner. This supplement was produced and released recently and it uses a customized mix of natural, organic ingredients to promote stable blood sugar. Diabetics only need to take one pill of GlucoFlow every day to manage their condition and prevent high blood sugar. Even though Jonathan has not shared the specific dosages or ingredients, he insists that his product uses clinical doses of highly effective ingredients.

How to choose Blood Sugar Supplements

There are multiple options available for people interested in buying the best blood sugar supplements. However, since some products aren’t effective, it is essential to be diligent while shopping around for your supplements. Keep in mind that the best supplements contain proven ingredients in strong dosages. Here are a few essential metrics to consider when choosing blood sugar supplements:

Check the label

Some supplements don’t clearly indicate their dosage or ingredient data upfront, which makes it harder to do comparisons and determine the best solution. Typically, the best supplements will have clear and transparent labels that list all the ingredients, dosages, proprietary blends and any other relevant information upfront.

Clinically-backed ingredients

Various vitamins, minerals, plants and herbs have been extensively studied and found to promote blood sugar regulation. By consuming such ingredients every day, you can effectively manage your blood sugar issues in several ways. Hence, it is vital that the blood sugar supplement you are considering is using clinically backed ingredients.

Clinical dosages

Some diabetes products contain the perfect ingredients for maximum blood sugar balance, but they are delivered in the wrong dosages. Additionally, certain manufactures use proprietary labeling to hide their weak dosages while others don’t even bother disclosing their ingredients. The best product is one that comes with strong dosages that resemble those that were initially used across various scientific studies and clinical trials.

Who created the supplement

The other essential consideration when choosing blood sugar supplement has to do with determining the creator of the supplement. Ideally, you should try and limit yourself to formulas that have been largely created by licensed doctors since these professionals have the necessary knowledge and expertise to produce more effective solutions.

Cost and overall value

The cost of blood sugar supplements is typically quite high. That is because these companies are aware of the high prices associated with conventional diabetes medications like insulin, and they also price their supplements intentionally high. Consumers should expect to pay between $50 and $70 per bottle when shopping for these supplements. Nevertheless, most blood sugar supplement companies offer discounts and low prices for bulk orders.

Type of ingredients

The most effective and safe blood sugar supplements contain natural ingredients, including plant extracts, herbs, minerals and vitamins. Avoid any supplements that come with artificial ingredients like synthetic additives.

Manufacturer location and reputation

The top supplements that you can use to support your blood sugar today are typically made in sterile, GMP-certified and FDA-registered facilities that have strict production criteria. In addition, it is better to buy products that are made in America from a reputable manufacturer with highly trained and experienced teams.

Advertised benefits

According to the strict FDA regulations, supplements are not supposed to claim to treat diabetes or reduce blood sugar. That means supplements must only state that they support healthy blood sugar for users. However, most supplements overlook this requirement and even claim to reverse or cure diabetes within a few weeks. Likewise, other supplements state that they can reduce blood sugar while proving multiple other health benefits. Remember that reputable supplements will have more honest claims, while fake products will have multiple unverifiable health benefits.

Who Should Buy Blood Sugar Supplements?

The blood sugar regulation supplements featured here can be bought and used by anyone above 18 years old. Having stable blood sugar helps to maintain overall health as it is essential for appetite regulation, cognitive function, weight loss and also managing diabetes symptoms. Nevertheless, most of these products are marketed towards two main groups, which are diabetics and pre-diabetics

People with diabetes typically struggle managing their blood sugar. That is because their bodies have a higher insulin resistance, which results in low blood sugar. The recommended treatment for such issues is a mix of exercise, dietary changes, medication and weight loss. Nowadays, many diabetics and pre-diabetics consume these supplements to help complement their treatment plans.

However, even if you are not pre-diabetic or a diabetic, it is still advisable to consider buying blood sugar regulation products. Most of these products contain helpful ingredients that promote your overall wellness and health. Some people even use these dietary supplements to support their hormone production, prevent unhealthy food cravings and achieve faster weight loss.


Scientific evidence for blood sugar regulation supplements

It is vital to only consume supplements that are extensively backed by significant scientific evidence. The same case applies when choosing your blood sugar regulation supplements. Some supplements include third party research done on various ingredients used in the formula while other products have been directly studied for their impacts on controlling blood sugar.

According to scientific research, even though there is no cure for diabetes, people can still manage to reverse this condition. The solution is to use a low-calorie nutrition plan for a few months to rejuvenate insulin production in the pancreases and resolve most of the symptoms associated with diabetes. Several studies have reported that using a customized liquid diet with less than 800 calories daily for at least five months can reverse diabetes.

A recent study discovered that type 2 diabetes was also reversible using carbohydrate restrictions and bariatric surgery. Limiting your intake of carbohydrates and also reducing your overall calorie consumption are all proven ways of reversing the symptoms of diabetes. Nevertheless, there is no significant proof that supplements only can effectively reverse your diabetes on their own.


The other notable scientific research is related to one of the common ingredients, chromium, which is contained in multiple blood sugar supplements. Researchers have found that chromium is critical for insulin resistance. Most diabetics have significantly lower chromium levels compared to non-diabetics. That is the reason diabetics are advised to consume chromium supplements. A medical review noted that supplements that provided roughly 800mcg of chromium or more could help minimize the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.


Guggul is a powerful nutrient that was used in traditional Ayurveda medicine for centuries due to its ability to support general wellness. Today, this ingredient is widely used in multiple blood sugar products and supplements. Some researchers have discovered that guggul works by improving glycemic control, which translates to stable blood sugar and less bad cholesterol, among various other health benefits. Various studies have reported that the antioxidant properties of guggul are highly beneficial to diabetic patients.


Biotin is also one of the extensively studied ingredients contained in blood sugar regulation supplements. Biotin supplements can enhance blood sugar balance in diabetics. Some studies have reported that consuming biotin supplements alongside insulin medicines can cause significant reduction in blood sugar. That is why it is vital to consult your healthcare provider before taking any biotin supplement. Chromium and biotin are two of the essential ingredients that diabetics must take to maintain optimal health and that is why they are found in most of the supplements mentioned above.

Bitter melon

Most diabetes supplements typically contain significant dosages of bitter melon. Studies have discovered that the use of bitter melon is beneficial to healthy blood sugar balance in the body. Bitter melon has also been associated with anti-diabetic impacts on the body across multiple studies. Nevertheless, some of those studies were quite small and did not feature sufficient participants.

Licorice extract

Licorice extract is commonly used in diabetes products and blood sugar supplements. This ingredient was largely used for maintaining optimal health in people for many centuries due to its medicinal effects. Researchers have described licorice extract as an ingredient that helps combat diabetes and also help to stabilize blood sugar.


ALA is present in nearly all blood sugar regulation products. In a recent review researchers did an analysis on more than ten years’ worth of research into ALA and discovered that this ingredient had significant health benefits for diabetics. It prevents diabetic neuropathy by inhibiting and activating specific nuclear factors to improve metabolism.

Cinnamon Bark

The use of cinnamon bark by diabetics has also been studied extensively. A review in one diabetes journal found that taking a minimum of 5 grams of cinnamon bark extract daily can reduce the levels of triglyceride, serum glucose and overall cholesterol in diabetics.

Banaba leaf

Banaba leaf extracts are also common in most blood sugar regulation dietary supplements. This ingredient can reduce blood sugar in the body by about 10% in only two weeks. Other studies show that this ingredient works best when used alongside insulin medication.


Amino acids like L-taurine are typically used in blood sugar balancing products due to their useful actions on supporting cellular function. Scientists have discovered that L-taurine can improve diabetes symptoms and complications at the lowest cellular levels. Some of the benefits associated with L-taurine include faster glucose metabolism and lower blood sugar when taking at least three grams of this ingredient.

In general, most of the ingredients mentioned above are associated with healthy blood sugar. If the above ingredients are delivered in strong doses, then you can get maximum health benefits from your supplement.

Do blood sugar supplements have side effects?

Most consumers will not get any adverse reactions after taking high quality blood sugar regulation supplements. According to strict FDA regulations, supplement manufacturers should only include safe ingredients that are delivered in suitable doses. These natural ingredients will not cause any adverse effects when consumed in appropriate dosages by adults.

Nevertheless, if you are a diabetic, it is vital to talk to your physician prior to starting any blood sugar regulation supplement. That is because you might be using certain medications for your condition that could interact negatively with the supplement.

Dosage recommendations for blood sugar regulation supplements

Every supplement will have its own recommended dosages depending on which ingredients have been used to make that product. It is generally best practice to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended dosage on your supplement. Most brands suggest taking at least one or two pills daily to maintain healthy blood sugar.

Some ingredients work best when used at specific dosages. For example, most of the available research on chromium recommends a serving of at least 250mcg daily. Likewise, cinnamon extract is most effective at up to 5g daily, which is quite higher than what you will find in most supplements. Amino acids like L-taurine should be typically consumed at about 2g daily. All these different doses are associated with significant improvements in both glucose metabolism and blood sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do most blood sugar supplements work?

Most of the blood sugar regulation supplements available today use natural ingredients at optimal doses to maintain healthy blood sugar. These plant and herbal extracts can promote the production of specific hormones that regulate blood sugar.

Is diabetes reversible?

Extensive studies have demonstrated that diabetes is a reversible condition, where you can reduce most of the significant symptoms. The solution to reversing diabetes is switching to an ultra-low calorie nutrition for a long period of up to six months to rejuvenate insulin production.

Can blood sugar regulation supplements cure diabetes?

The truth is that not even the most reputable supplements can cure your diabetes. These supplements are only meant to complement your overall health and minimize your diabetes symptoms.

How to take blood sugar regulation supplements

Most of the blood sugar pills come in easy to use capsules. Users are supposed to take at least one to two pills daily to receive the advertised health benefits. Some supplements also come in liquid or powder form. Nevertheless, it is vital to use the manufacturer’s dosage guidelines to ensure positive outcomes.

Does the FDA approve blood sugar supplements?

It is important to note that blood sugar supplements are not approved by the FDA. The FDA neither approves nor denies any supplements.

Are these blood sugar supplements safe?

Most blood sugar regulation supplements are made to be completely safe for consumption by adults. That is because they contain natural ingredients that are generally safe for all people.

Why should you take blood sugar control supplements?

Besides controlling your blood sugar, these supplements can also offer other complimentary health benefits. Some products target blood circulation and hypertension, while others target appetite regulation and weight loss.

Do these products cause weight loss?

Certain brands of blood sugar regulation products can result in weight loss. That is because blood sugar is also essential in regulating appetite and promoting weight loss.

What are common diabetes symptoms?

Most of the diabetes symptoms are similar to those of having high levels of blood sugar. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, like blurry vision, excessive hunger, unexplained weight gain and tingling or numbness in your feet or hands, then you could be suffering from diabetes. It is advisable to consult your doctor as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.

Do doctors approve the use of blood sugar regulation supplements?

The most reputable and effective blood sugar control supplements were actually created by doctors. These products are specifically made to improve the overall health for diabetics. However, these supplements aren’t approved for treating diabetes; instead, they help minimize some of the symptoms.

Can these blood sugar control supplements replace your diabetes medications?

Certain brands of blood sugar regulation supplements claim that their products can be a full replacement for your diabetes medication. Nevertheless, despite such claims, it is essential that you always take your prescription unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

What is the average price of blood sugar regulation supplements?

The average price of one bottle of a blood sugar regulation supplement is around $70. The basic bottle will typically last you for one month, and you can save more money with bulk orders.


The blood sugar regulation supplements featured above can stabilize your blood sugar, whether you’re a pre-diabetic or diabetic. Most of these products are safe to use since they contain ingredients that are natural and are delivered in optimal doses. Nevertheless, this industry has its fair share of scams and products that falsely claim to quickly reverse diabetes in a few weeks while requiring no lifestyle or dietary changes. The supplements included in this list are some of the most popular brands worth your consideration. These top-ranked blood sugar regulator products contain scientifically backed ingredients and were created by licensed doctors. Furthermore, they have been extensively tested and reviewed by numerous users and have received largely positive reports.

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